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FAQ of Stone Sculptures


  • Question: What are stone sculptures?

Answer: Stone sculptures refer to the use of a variety of carved and engraved stones to create a visual and touchable artistic image with a certain space, in order to reflect the social life, the artist’s aesthetic feelings, and aesthetic feelings.

  • Question: What kinds of stones are used in making stone sculptures?

Answer: Commonly used stones are granite, marble, bluestone, sandstone and so on. The stone is hard and weather-resistant and is the main material for large-scale monumental sculptures.

  • Question: What kinds of sculptures can be divided into?

Answer: There are mainly garden sculptures, architectural sculptures, statues, stone carving crafts, and there are hundreds of varieties: marble mantels, figure sculptures, reliefs, abstract sculptures, fountains, flowerpots, Roman columns, railings, gazebos, busts, doors. Sets, stone benches, bathtubs, animal carvings, tombstones, antique sculptures, etc.

  • Question: What are the techniques for making stone sculptures?

Answer: Stone carving design techniques are various and can be divided into relief, full relief, intaglio, shadow carving, hollowed-out carving, and openwork.

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