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FAQ of Floats & Barges

  • Question: What are the floats &  barges?
    Answer: The float and barges, also known as the parade float & barges, is a traditional folk craft that is popular in China. The art of float racing is a comprehensive decorative art of the lamp. It is a vehicle or ship decorated with colored silk, colored paper or lanterns. It has always been a highlight in the mass parade on the large-scale celebrations of the world. With the development of modern technology, floats are combined with electronics, architecture, machinery, remote, acoustics, lighting. New technologies and new techniques such as guiding fibers are used for the design and production of floats and barges and combined with shapes, colors, lights, sounds, and movements. Usually, it is decorated with various graphics, models, or performs on the vehicles.
  • Question: What’s the production process of floats & barges?
  1. The designers would draw the renderings of the lanterns according to the customer’s requirements and the situation of the venue, and confirm the style, size and color of the lanterns with the customer.
  2. The artists would lay out the sample according to the design drawings, draw the “front view” and “side view” based on the proportion of 1:1, and mark the specific process on the key parts.
  3. The fitters would make a three-dimensional lantern component according to the artist’s lofting pattern, and then weld the various parts of the lantern into a whole frame.
  4. The electricians would install the transmissions according to the designed functions, then install the lamps, lines, and finish the electric leakage protection.
  5. The pasting workers would paste the silk cloth onto the steel frame with glue.
  6. The artists would color the lanterns with the pigment to make the lanterns more beautiful.
  7. The workers would pack the lanterns and load them after inspection for shipping.
  8. The technicists would come for installation and debugging when the lanterns reach the site.


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