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FAQ of Festival Lanterns

Festival Lanterns

  • Question: What’re the applications of festival lanterns?

Answer: Festival lanterns are usually used for business performance or exhibitions of large-scale activities, such as the scenic areas, parks, squares, amusement parks, etc.


  • Question: How the festival lanterns profit?

Answer: Lantern Festivals are generally large-scale lighting exhibitions organized by the sponsors during large festivals, often accompanied by some folk activities, with traditional and local characteristics. The Lantern Festival can be profitable through box office revenue, booth rental, corporate sponsorship, catering, accommodation, and souvenirs selling. Meanwhile, the Lantern Festival is a cultural tourism project that can play a positive role in stimulating local tourism economy and cultural propaganda.


  • Question: What’re the ways of cooperation for festival lanterns?
  1. Production.
  2. Cooperation exhibition
  3. Investment holdings
  4. Cooperation tour exhibition


  • What’s the production process of festival lanterns?
  1. The designers would draw the renderings of the lanterns according to the customer’s requirements and the situation of the venue, and confirm the style, size and color of the lanterns with the customer.
  2. The artists would lay out the sample according to the design drawings, draw the “front view” and “side view” based on the proportion of 1:1, and mark the specific process on the key parts.
  3. The fitters would make a three-dimensional lantern component according to the artist’s lofting pattern, and then weld the various parts of the lantern into a whole frame.
  4. The electricians would install the transmissions according to the designed functions, then install the lamps, lines, and finish the electric leakage protection.
  5. The pasting workers would paste the silk cloth onto the steel frame with glue.
  6. The artists would color the lanterns with the pigment to make the lanterns more beautiful.
  7. The workers would pack the lanterns and load them after inspection for shipping.
  8. The technicists would come for installation and debugging when the lanterns reach the site.


  • Question: What’s the process of purchasing festival lanterns?

Mainly we have 2 ways for customers to choose:

  1. We would make the designs and plans for the exhibits according to the customer’s needs based on the map and budget of the project provided by the customers. (If the customers do not have a map or other special needs, we can send a professional technical team to design the planning plan for the customer on-site). This mode is mainly suitable for parks and large-scale lighting exhibitions.
  2. We can customize the lanterns for customers according to the product requirements and budget provided by the customer,  the design drawing can be provided by the customer or designed by our design department. This mode is mainly suitable for small-scale lighting exhibitions such as commercial tour performances, carnivals, a single lantern set purchasing or other small-scale lighting shows.
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