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FAQ of Composite Sculptures


Question: What are the applications of composite sculptures?
Answer: Squares, scenic spots, communities, green corridors, shopping malls, etc.

Question: What is a composite sculpture?
Answer: A composite sculpture is a kind of sculpture that uses a variety of different materials for artistic creation.

Question: How to distinguish the high quality and the low quality of sculptures?
Answer: High-quality sculptures have unique creativity and high artistic language,they were made with fine workmanship, look vivid and lifelike, and they were made from exquisite materials. On the contrary, inferior sculptures are rough in workmanship and rigid in shape.

Question: The production process of Sculpture
Answer: Sculptures of different materials have different technological processes, but generally the same (take FRP as an example)
1)Design and sketch
2)Draw complete and detailed design drawings,and make sculpture sample
3)Equal proportion inner frame welding of sculpture
4)Modelling clay sculpture
5)Making plaster model
6)Fiberglass forming
7)Polish the finished fiberglass products
8)Product coloring
9)Transportation and installation

Question: What is the purchase process?

1)The customers determine the theme of sculpture, our company designs the scheme according to the requirements.
2)Customers provide sculpture drawings, and Our company carries out the construction according to the design drawings.
3)Determining whether the product is made in the factory or constructed on-site according to the sculpture size.
4)Signing the contract after confirming the plan. Our company will make the construction according to the schedule agreed in the contract.

Question: What are the key points for purchasing sculptures?

1)Whether the design conforms to the theme to be expressed
2)Whether the materials and processes meet the requirements
3)Whether the transportation, assembly, and installation are damaged
4)Comparison between finished products and effect drawing
5)Whether the details and color treatment can meet the standard

Question: What is your after-sale service?

1)Ensuring sculpture maintenance during warranty period
2)In case of any professional technical and quality problems, our company will arrive at the site for treatment for the first time unconditionally.
3)In case of any man-made damage, our company will make every effort to solve the problem through consultation and cooperation.

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