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FAQ of Composite Sculptures

  Question: What are the applications of composite sculptures? Answer: Squares, scenic spots, communities, green corridors, shopping malls, etc. Question: What is a composite sculpture? Answer: A composite sculpture is a kind of sculpture that uses a variety of different materials for artistic creation. Question: How to distinguish the high quality and the low quality of sculptures? Answer: High-quality sculptures have unique creativity and high artistic language,they were made with fine workmanship, look vivid and lifelike, and they were made from exquisite materials. On the contrary, inferior sculptures are rough in workmanship and rigid in shape. Question: The production process of Sculpture Answer: Sculptures of different materials have different technological processes, but generally the same (take FRP as an example) 1)Design and sketch 2)Draw complete and detailed design drawings,and make sculpture sample 3)Equal proportion inner frame welding of sculpture 4)Modelling clay sculpture 5)Making plaster model 6)Fiberglass forming 7)Polish the finished…

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FAQ of Landscape Solutions

What solutions or services can you provide? Answer: We provide complete solutions for the exhibition projects, including design, plan, manufacture, construction, maintenance, consultation, and other services related to landscape projects. What kinds of landscape projects you can undertake? Answer: Urban landscape design (city square, commercial street, office environment, etc.), residential landscape design, urban park planning, and design, waterfront green space planning and design, tourism resort and scenic area planning and design, etc.

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FAQ of Festival Lanterns

Festival Lanterns Question: What're the applications of festival lanterns? Answer: Festival lanterns are usually used for business performance or exhibitions of large-scale activities, such as the scenic areas, parks, squares, amusement parks, etc.   Question: How the festival lanterns profit? Answer: Lantern Festivals are generally large-scale lighting exhibitions organized by the sponsors during large festivals, often accompanied by some folk activities, with traditional and local characteristics. The Lantern Festival can be profitable through box office revenue, booth rental, corporate sponsorship, catering, accommodation, and souvenirs selling. Meanwhile, the Lantern Festival is a cultural tourism project that can play a positive role in stimulating local tourism economy and cultural propaganda.   Question: What're the ways of cooperation for festival lanterns? Production. Cooperation exhibition Investment holdings Cooperation tour exhibition   What’s the production process of festival lanterns? The designers would draw the renderings of the lanterns according to the customer's requirements and the…

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FAQ of Floats & Barges

Question: What are the floats &  barges? Answer: The float and barges, also known as the parade float & barges, is a traditional folk craft that is popular in China. The art of float racing is a comprehensive decorative art of the lamp. It is a vehicle or ship decorated with colored silk, colored paper or lanterns. It has always been a highlight in the mass parade on the large-scale celebrations of the world. With the development of modern technology, floats are combined with electronics, architecture, machinery, remote, acoustics, lighting. New technologies and new techniques such as guiding fibers are used for the design and production of floats and barges and combined with shapes, colors, lights, sounds, and movements. Usually, it is decorated with various graphics, models, or performs on the vehicles. Question: What’s the production process of floats & barges? Answer: The designers would draw the renderings of the…

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FAQ of Customized Lanterns

  Question: How to customize lanterns? Answer: Communicate the theme and situations of the lantern project with our sales executive. Confirm the design from our designers. Production & Inspection Packing & Transportation Installation & After-sale service

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FAQ of Stone Sculptures

  Question: What are stone sculptures? Answer: Stone sculptures refer to the use of a variety of carved and engraved stones to create a visual and touchable artistic image with a certain space, in order to reflect the social life, the artist's aesthetic feelings, and aesthetic feelings. Question: What kinds of stones are used in making stone sculptures? Answer: Commonly used stones are granite, marble, bluestone, sandstone and so on. The stone is hard and weather-resistant and is the main material for large-scale monumental sculptures. Question: What kinds of sculptures can be divided into? Answer: There are mainly garden sculptures, architectural sculptures, statues, stone carving crafts, and there are hundreds of varieties: marble mantels, figure sculptures, reliefs, abstract sculptures, fountains, flowerpots, Roman columns, railings, gazebos, busts, doors. Sets, stone benches, bathtubs, animal carvings, tombstones, antique sculptures, etc. Question: What are the techniques for making stone sculptures? Answer: Stone carving design…

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